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Craft Room Tour




    I almost can't believe it is officially November. I am excited to be closing out this year feeling accomplished in way that I had not imagined. One of them being my own craft room! Although I have to admit, there are still somethings I am trying to incorporate in the room, it is for the most part near completion! I just couldn't wait to show you all.  

    I began to work on this project about a year ago. Little by little heading over to thrift shops as well as purchasing products from Amazon. When I started out getting furniture for my craft room, I began with just a desk and two Ikea bookcases which were a total bargain using OfferUp. I found that the two bookcases were part of an Ikea collection that has been discontinued, however, there is another collection out available now that is very similar to the one I have now, affordable as well as popular in the crafting community.




    As I mentioned earlier this has been a process, shortly after getting the bookcases I wanted to begin working on a pegboard that I had envisioned. I would get the supplies I would be needing from The Home Depot. I am so happy with the way this peg board came out! It has definitely over exceeded my expectations considering how well it has blended with the kind of style I wanted to incorporate in my craft room. If you would like to see a tutorial on how it's is made, let me know in a comment down below!





Here is another side of my craft room which I absolutely fell in love with. The pictures take me back to a vacation my husband and I went on last year in Cuba. It was a very special time for me so looking up at these pictures that I watercolored every so often brings a warm feeling of happiness in my heart. The round wicker frames I found while thrift shopping. I just knew that even though I didn't know then how I would put them to use, that they would definitely come in handy, and so they did! As well as the wicker frames, I found these wooden frames which I also felt the urge to get, here, once again you can see that I wanted to assimilate the water color scheme into the frame. These prints I found a couple of months back, around the time quarantine first took place. These prints helped tons with striking out boredom when having three children out school entertain. 😅  

Having plants during the course of the lockdown has helped me so much with the anxiety of having to live in a world that had come to a complete pause. This Monstera Deliciosa has been such a wonder to have around as well as all of my other plants. They bring me a sense of peace, and remind me to breath when things seem a bit out of place.


I purchased my desk from Amazon, you will see within time that I am very much obsessed with shopping at amazon for almost everything! After taking time trying to decide what desk would work for me, this one took the trophy and I am absolutely so happy with it! As you can see, when I work, I sometimes have to balance between my full time job, my business and so it gives me the ample space to work on my projects as well as handle my computers to be able to multitask without an issue.



The ones that make this all possible, cutting machines! I have had my Silhouette Cameo 3 for about two years now and just joined the Cricut family for the first time! I am thinking of doing a comparison review in a couple of month between the two. I am loving both but being that I am new in the world of Cricut, I am still learning new things as each day comes!

Lastly, but not the least is we have this little corner in which I keep my printers, some more shipping supplies as well as my sewing machine.

As you can see it is not as big as other craft rooms that you may have seen, but it is definitely, without a doubt full of love and joy. Every day I enter, I feel as though I am going away into my own little adventure, accompanied by a cup of coffee, inspiration, passion and hope that there is someone who I will help on their own special occasion, whatever it may be.








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  • I lovedddd your first video !! I love the space and the over layout of everything in your craft room! You have such great detail to everything and the aesthetic is very pleasing to the eyes.

    Marielli Lopez

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