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Seeing Things at 2020- The Calm Before The Storm


“A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” – Robert Herjavec


21 Days. They say it takes about 21 to make something a habit. I am now at day 364 as I write this. What do I have to say for it? To be honest. It’s been so hard. It still is hard. Yet here I am, making the effort.

As the year 2018 came to an end, I did some sort of self reflecting you can say. As I thought deeply about life, my own to be more specific, I’d think on actions I’ve made throughout the past year, both good and bad. As well self improvement and the things I’d like to change. The person I’ve become and whether I was completely happy with that. 

To begin with, I decided that for the year 2019 I would set goals. Something I’ve never actually “set in stone” at the end of a new year. At the end of 2018, I was inspired to make a permanent change. And as much as that, I wanted to stay motivated to maintain this permanent change that would possibly impact my life in a positive manner. 

So where to begin? And how to stay motivated? Because after all, we all want to achieve some sort of goal, or goals, or be somewhere in life in which we feel accomplished. It may sound harsh to say that not all of us stay motivated enough to achieve those goals and before you know it, the time that we could have been spending working to achieve that goal passes by without anything being done and all we’re left with is absolutely nothing but dreams. I must admit I am guilty of it. I’ve stopped things halfway due to not finding the motivation, blaming things, circumstances. It happens to all of us and we beat ourselves up for it. I know I have. So I used those same exact reasons to push myself up instead of burying myself deeper, with more excuses to not do what I intended to.

Well, I began with a list, I’ll tell you that much. But who doesn’t right? I made a list which I knew would I could realistically complete without having to depend on anything or anybody but myself for resources. A list in which I would try to commit changes to improve my life drastically in different ways- that being my emotional, physical, spiritual and even financial well being. A list that I shared with no one but my husband, because to be honest, I got tired of feeling like I was just wasting time being unproductive, unhealthy, physically, mentally and spiritually and broke! Not working on myself but still wishing upon a dream that I knew I had the power to make a reality. I made a list of ten things I would try to accomplish in 2019 and although I was only able to complete eight out of ten, I still feel a winner. I also picked up a new hobby along the way which I feel sorta makes up for the one items not listed. I decided the remaining items I will be moving into my 2020 list and I will be talking about those two in another post as so please stay posted!


The list that I made at the end of 2018 consisted of the following:

  • Eat healthier
  • Learn Yoga
  • Visit Cuba and learn about the culture, history, etc.
  • Read more
  • Be more financially stable (getting rid of debts)
  • Try Meal Prepping
  • Start Up Craft Business 
  • Starting a Blog

Truth is that the course of one’s life changes like seasons.  And truth is that for the most part we do have the power of which direction that course will take. Some of us need an extra push, this is where motivation takes place, but nevertheless, having the effort which we need in order to succeed in overcoming any obstacle.

So it all comes down to that. The effort. The motivation. How to take them hand in hand and balance it all out whilst making room for all other aspects of living this crazy thing we call life.

I recently moved to Vegas. A year and 8 months ago to be more precise. With all these dreams and expectations. What do I have to say for those? It’s been over a year and a half of a fresh start and I feel like I’ve just taken my first step. I’m just getting started. I mean, what else can I do right, but make an effort. Well, I can also kick back and do absolutely nothing which we all know where that will lead to! Come on, say it with me, nowhere!

Every action made has an outcome. I ended 2018 yearning to become a better version of me in 2019. Yeah, sure everyone says it. A bit cliche’ if you ask me. Tell me, was what your newsfeed filled with on the last day of 2018? Either motivational quotes in their captions, and or pictures, and of course the famous hashtags #newyearnewme and here’s another one #newyearbestme and last but not least #thebestisyettocome. I’m not knocking anyone for using it. Shoot, I just used it myself. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that something we all want? To better ourselves? Year by year- to look back and say,  “Remember when I changed this? And look at how it has helped me. Look at my progress.” And although the progress may not seem like much, progress made from yesterday is still progress. Why give up on something which we can learn from? Grow from? Benefit from?

Hmm. You see? And if so, you want the change, what is this change going to do for you? And how long will this change last?

Well speaking for myself in this matter- I have much to work on. But where to begin? Having kids, being married, and having a full time job, now an online business to manage, and blogging? Even if I wanted to begin to make changes. Where to find the time right? 

Well, as of now I can say that I am happy with whatever little progress I have made this past year. Even though it may seem small to some, I feel such a positive change has occurred in my life and I am excited to see what more I can do in 2020. 

December 31, 2019. Time’s a-wastin’, because after all, we do have 24 precious in our day and there’s no way I’m willing to let them be a waste, at least not anymore. 

How about yourself? Have you thought of that? If not, I’ll leave you to it. 



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