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Welcome to Oh, Craft! I Made It While Caffeinated! My name is Joselyn Castillo or Jos for short and this is my online blog in which I hope to inspire my readers to achieve their goals. I plan on doing this by documenting all things from lifestyle, motherhood, travel, and creativity. My mission is not only motivate my readers to live a happy and healthy life, but to also remind them to be creative and have fun along the way. 

I currently live in Las Vegas with my husband, Misael and my three kids Natalie, Isaac & Leah. While being a mom is always at the top on my list, there are other things I do take pleasure in doing on a daily basis. They include running my online crafting business, working on DIY projects, cooking, reading and knitting to name a few. And if you haven’t already guessed it, coffee is the fuel that makes it all possible for me!

There is a quote I read while reading a book written by my favorite Shark Tank star, Robert Herjavec, “A goal without a timeline is just a dream.” I strongly believe this to be true and that to make that dream become a reality, it takes will and effort. Staying motivated all the time is tough, especially when dealing with all the curveballs that life just randomly throws at us. 

My effort here on this blog will be to share with you my thoughts, experiences, tips and advice from my most personal posts to my DIY projects. I hope that Oh, Craft! I Made It While Caffeinated helps in motivating you to not only strive into learning new things, but to express yourself through creativity, and to inspire you into achieving whatever goal it is that you may have, whether big or small. It is possible!

So join me on this journey, stay a while, and enjoy the content while sippin’ on your favorite beverage, whether it’s coffee or not, be there with me, when I Made It While Caffeinated! I appreciate you!

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