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My name is Joselyn or Jos for short and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a child I discovered I had a special talent in the world of arts and crafts. Whether it involved sketching, painting, or working on DIY projects, it brought me a feeling of satisfaction and I came into a realization that I had something great to offer the world!

I remember being in the sixth grade (the thought of it makes me feel so old) and my art classmates at the time would line up waiting for me to write their names in bubble letters after seeing how neat mine had came out! As I think back, the feeling being like no other. I still enjoy the nostalgia those memories bring, making me feel special and unique as well as it made me happy to see that others appreciated my talent!

I am married with three wonderful children and enjoy working on projects for them, being the reason of my motivation. In 2018, my husband and I decided to trade New York City's hustle and bustle for something more soothing and different, seeking new doors of opportunities and being that my husband already had family in Vegas, it was the door we had been looking for!

How Oh, Craft! JHC Came to Life!

While helping a friend out with making paper flowers for her baby shower, I found myself going crazy over the little details, I remember breaking night setting everything up after the flowers had been completed to make sure everything looked absolutely perfect. When the day of the event came to be, I was grateful to see how may people loved and commented on the flowers, and so it inspired me to "Paint The Big Picture" (if you'll pardon the pun), thus Oh, Craft!JHC was born!

Having my own craft business has allowed me to share all the things that I love to make and be that helping hand to all who would like something especially made for whatever the occasion may be.

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