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DIY Craft Pegboard

Am I the only one who gets in the mood to build stuff around this time of year? Whether it's that new console, an over the toilet organizer, or a bookcase, as if the holiday season wasn't stressful enough already and still add these things to get done on the list, don't we? Well, I sure do!

It's December and here we have the famous crafty pegboard! And although it has been over a year since I have created this beauty, it has been such a great addition having in the studio.

I made this craft pegboard about a year ago with the intentions of setting it up I. My Craft office. I am so glad I did, it has come in so handy and I have so so many different way to set it up depending on what I want to use it for. Below I have made a list of materials that a I have used to put this amazing pegboard together at an affordable price. Not everything listed down below is a must, some of the items are optional depending on how you want your board to look.



I began by getting the 2- 30x6x2 plywood and the 2- 48x6x2 plywood and formed it into a rectangular frame. This would be making the frame around my pegboard. Once placed together, I secured these with two mending plates on each separation, using a total of 8 mending plates.

Next, making sure that the frame is still in face down, I took the 48x24 pegboard and placed it over the back of the frame. You will notice that it will overlap the long way over the frame. I used my drill to drill in one small screw on each of the corners of the pegboard onto the frame. This secured it onto the frame.

With the help of someone, in this case, my husband, I stood the frame up and while he held it up, I used the 2-10x6x2 Plywood boards as shelves and screwed them from behind the pegboard, placing the washers first, following the screws.

After attaching the pegboard to the frame, we added our 2-D-Ring Hooks to be able to hook our pegboard once we have finished, for easy installing. One on each side of the back of our pegboard.

This next step is completely optional and will require the glue gun and glue sticks if you would like to proceed with it. The square dowels, as you can see, were placed for completely aesthetic purposes, I had a few of extra hanging around and repurposed them on this pegboard which I absolutely loved the outcome of! Using a glue gun and having a couple of extra glue sticks on the sid

e just in case you need them, apply along one side of each dowel and place down on each corner as seen on the picture. I used six for each corner, you can use as many or a few as you wish.

Once your pegboard is secured onto the frame, along with the shelves, it is a piece of cake from here, just a matter of accessorizing which you can do whichever way you'd like. To accessorize my pegboard, I used the pegboard accessories such as hooks for hanging a variety of my small cardstock pads, my buckets filled with other things, as well as the vinyl storage organizer, which are items that I often use and this way I get to them quickly without having to look elsewhere for them.

With all being said, I hope you enjoyed found this short blog helpful in someway. If you have used this blog to create your own pegboard, whether it is for your own crafting, organizing, or tool purposes, I would love to see it! If you have any questions or suggestions in regards to this fun project, please let me know, I would love to hear it!